Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ant Ant?

You may think I'm going too far with this one, but, to me, this beautiful photo of leaf-cutter ants in Costa Rica is very like my previous post, "Flamingo Flamingo." I mean, take a look at the hole they've made at the right, mid-height of the leaf. Am I crazy or is that hole in the shape of a (very fat) ant? In Bucaramunga, Colombia, they would say the hole looks like an "hormiga culona," or "fat-assed ant" -- which the locals fry into tasty snacks. (I can attest to their tastiness because I've eaten them!)


  1. That is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Oh, and after Christmas, do I ever feel like a fat-assed ant.


    And to answer your question: yes. You are crazy and that looks like an ant ;)

  2. The whole scene reminds me of the chinese shadow theatre.... but the sound of a mega large fat-assed ant is making me drool :)