Thursday, December 16, 2010


Believe it or not, this clusterwink snail (cute name, hey?) really glows this colour. The photo has not been retouched, although the photographers are shining a special light on it to emphasize its bioluminescence. Isn't it lovely!? If you were a dangerous crab or swimming shrimp, it might glow for you!


  1. Escarglow! too funny.

    I think humpbacks are bioluminescent, too. I think a lot of creatures might be! what a neat thing to look into.

    xo from the hogblogger

  2. Thanks, A/P! I couldn't find anything on bioluminescent humpbacks, but your post alerted me to the fact that I called it "photoluminescence"! Oops!

  3. Hey, I googled bioluminescent (google images) and guess what came up?
    An angler fish!

    I believe you are required to post some angler-fish news now!

  4. That would look great on my Christmas tree. :D

  5. If scientist were to glow the same magic light on our exterior stucco this is how it would look :)