Friday, December 10, 2010

The Goods on Gorillas

This week's crop of animal photos was exceptional; there were several that I wanted to include, such as a dock in China just full of shark fins drying, or a Buddhist releasing an octopus -- unsold in the fish market in Indonesia -- back into the sea. Moving and troubling images, indeed. I decided on this one as the most picturesque and hopeful. _The Guardian_ reports that "the number of mountain gorillas living in the Virunga Massif in central Africa has soared by 26.3% since 2003, according to a new census. The increase in numbers from 380 to 480 individuals is thanks to 'immense' efforts to reduce poaching and disease, scientists said – but should not be read as a sign that the fight to save the highly endangered species is over." A small glimmer of hope in this cruel world.


  1. Thanks Michelle! Such good news.
    Have you heard of the Great Ape Project? it's to work on getting the status of personhood to the great apes! I barely give that status to my students :)

  2. Hey A/P,

    I love that idea. I don't mean to anthropomorphize them, but when you look at their calm faces and intelligent eyes -- and take in that little domestic scene in the forest -- you can't help but identify with them as fellows.

  3. With all the greenwash about sustainability, this moving image shows how well the gorillas blend into their habitat. A friend of mine claims we come from alliens because of our obsession for changing the landscape. If we could only learn from our peaceful furry friends....