Friday, January 14, 2011

The Pleasures of Winter

When I first saw this photo of Golden Haired Monkeys from China I thought they made winter look pretty good -- being so chilly is a great excuse to hug all day! But then I noticed the tiny eyes peeking out between the embracing adults and I now realize that that, if you are a baby in such a situation, winter is more than pretty good -- heck, it's awesome!


  1. They are adorable...what a sweet photo!!!

  2. Wow if the photo wasn't coming from such a reputable source ie. ANW I would say that the digital retouchers ran out of time ie. they only had time to retouch the mokeys' heads! lol :)
    The other point is the baby is the only one awake; the dad on the right clearly had a few drinks judging by the tongue's position.