Sunday, May 29, 2011


Perhaps you already know Maru, the most famous cat on the internet. He lives in Japan, and is, without a doubt, the strangest cat on the planet, as the title of the video confirms. I laughed harder at that video, despite the calming and sweet music, than I have in a very long time. And that's no bad thing. I love it when he puts the bag on his head and then goes over to his water, as if to say, "Oh, water. I'd really like some now, but I can't drink through this bag on my head. Shame." Hilarious.


  1. OH Maru, I have seen you on cuteoverload so many times but cannot get enough of you.

  2. My guesses:
    1. Maru has an adventurer's soul and these are his helmets.
    2. Maru is autistic and is trying to hide from the world.
    3. Maru likes to get high by the lack of oxygen.

  3. I agree with you, totally, Javi U! That's why the vid fascinates me. My interpretation is that Maru is an imaginative and smart cat who is bored with apartment life, so he tries to experience it in a new way through the bag.