Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Owl and the Pussycat

I know this is not the greatest image, but I wanted a still from the actual video that I'm recommending you watch through the link below. I posted a strange friendship a few posts ago -- the dolphin and the cat -- but this one is in many ways at least as strange and wonderful. The owl clearly loves to fly low enough the let the cat try to catch him. And you have to watch until the end, when the cat leap-frogs over the owl, pretending to tackle him. Awesome. Thanks to DM for this one!


  1. It really is most awesome!
    They get such a kick out of each other. It's just so amazing.

    And you're right: It's a modern-day Owl and Pussycat love affair ;)

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  3. Owls are so magical, probably my favorite pray birds. I love how the owl is not quite sure about the cat trying to cuddle with him.
    If they can get along well so can we ;)

  4. Incredible video! I always find it amazing to see inter-species friendships...it's always so heartwarming.