Monday, June 13, 2011

Hurrah for Herons

While in England, I've discovered the poetic, downright strange bird that is the heron. I've always known about them, but I haven't really seen them. A friend pointed one out to me in a pond in Tyne and Wear and I was smitten, as I am by looking at this spare photo. They'll sit stock-still for hours, their "hair" askew, waiting for a fish to happen by -- and then spear it with their great beaks.


  1. Perfect composition. It's like the heron knows exactly where and how to pose. Even the casual lifting of the right leg.
    I was at Gimli last weekend and the Lake water looked just like that... exept no mangroves :(

  2. I agree, Javi U. I really chose that photo b/c it is so balanced and beautiful and the starkness of it seems to bring out the apparent character of the heron. Lovely, severe creatures.

  3. What an amazing photo...breathtaking!!