Friday, September 10, 2010

World's Tiniest Frog

Hello, friends! Welcome to the inaugural edition of Animal News of the World. This blog is dedicated to keeping track of and informing interested parties about all of those many amazing news stories about animals with which I am currently overloading my loved-ones' inboxes. I'll also post great animal photos to this site. Let's see how this goes. This is my first blog!

Here's today's big story: the world's tiniest frog, an article that comes complete with a photo of the wondrous creature:
Micro frog found in Borneo is one of the tiniest frogs in the world photo

It's just one of the endless marvels of nature:


  1. Hello!
    Lovely little frog. So teeny!
    Congratulations on your blog (and for starting it off with a frog).
    With love from your friend at the hog blog ;)

  2. Wow, that froggy's amazing!! I know I am going to love your blog. Congrats!! xo

  3. "Humanity to animals should be particularly inculcated as a part of national education, for it is not at present one of our national virtues." Mary Wollstonecraft


  4. Thanks, Alli -- and Addie/Persephone, too! I LOVE the Wollstonecraft quotation. How true, how true. She was a wise woman!