Friday, September 17, 2010

Mean German goose

This is a more personal image, one from the HUGE stash of photos of animals in my hard-drive. I include it at the request of my good friend Allan in Newcastle, England, to whom I sent it during my sabbatical trip to Europe the day it was taken (by Javier) at the zoo in Berlin; you can click on it to enlarge it:
I thought we would be friends, but you can see the surprise and horror on my face as I discovered that, foodless, I was unwelcome at the petting farm area of the zoo. Using my tiny purse as a shield, I managed to out-maneuver the rangy fowl!


  1. Two things you really shouldn't mess with: Texas and geese.

  2. Yay - thanks for taking up my suggestion. It's a great series of pictures, especially as you move from happily surveying the cute goose to realizing the darn thing's going to attack you! And Javi, like the good man he is, just keeps on taking the pics! 'Get it off me!'