Monday, September 20, 2010

Best dog photo ever?

Hey all! This photo was brought to my attention by my rockin' friend, Ally. It's by a great photographer named Tim Flach:

Hungarian sheep-herding dog

For more amazing dog photos of his, check this link out:

After seeing the above pic, though, what other dog photos might anyone want to see? I have this image seared into my brain. I LOVE it! The dog makes me think of Bob Fosse for some reason. Could it be because "all that jazz" now resides in this Puli's dreadlocks? Go figure!


  1. I think the dog is a Komondor, like on the cover of Beck's album 'Odelay'

  2. Hey Matt, I guess those hacks at _The Economist_ don't know their Pulis from their Komondors, then! They call the dog a "Puli" on their website.

  3. I guess the dog really is a Puli...although white ones are rare. His name is Andy!