Monday, November 22, 2010

Creepy or cute?

Hey all,

You've met Milo, the Labradoodle of all of our dreams. You have imagined that he loves snow and all things connected to winter. Thus, you might have even guessed that he has winter boots (thanks to me!), in which he loves to prance. But did you know that, in a beige sweater, when sitting down, he has the torso of a self-effacing man -- who has way too much stomach hair? Little did you really know about Milo. . . .


  1. This photo is so creepy. Kind of looks like the scene where the Exorcist comes down the stairs bent backwards! and the green puke on the mouth Yikes.

  2. How could that possibly be anything but cute?! Javi, you've been watching too many horror movies, lol. That's so sweet you bought him some booties Michelle, haha.