Sunday, November 14, 2010

Beautiful bats?

Hey folks,

This is a photo of Honduran white bats, which Addie/Persephone urged me to search for in response to my last post. Am I glad she did! I never thought I'd say bats are beautiful! Superheroes, yes (after all, they can detect, and miss, an obstacle the width of a single strand of hair simply using their sonar), but lovely? I challenge you to deny it! With that lovely white fur and lemony noses, ears, and legs, what are they but lovely?


  1. Omg, they are amazing!!! I've always thought regular bats were totally adorable, but these ones take the cake!! I am just imagining snuggling them into my cheek. <3

  2. Alli, wouldn't it be amazing it they could be used for make up removal instead of cotton balls? Gently of course :)