Friday, December 13, 2013

Interspecies Fun!

I don't know much about the source of this video. From the "yeah" I hear the woman on the phone say, I think it was made in Australia. And, indeed, in searching "Australian Magpie," I discovered that they do look like the magpie in this video. I would also venture to guess that this particular bird is a pet, not a wild magpie. But what will ever remain a mystery to me is just how empathetic animals can be. Surely it takes an act of imagination for the bird not to feel threatened when the much-larger dog play-bites him? And doesn't that suggest intelligence? And if we agree to the two foregoing propositions -- that empathy denotes imagination, and imagination requires intelligence -- don't we also have to wonder how dumb humans are when we are unable to empathize with each other? I mean, if two such different species as a bird and a dog can do it, what is stopping us humans?

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