Friday, April 8, 2011

Adelie Penguin Cam

This is my dream come true! When I was a kid, I always wanted to attach a video camera to our rough-and-tumble (but incredibly sweet) fluffy, orange cat, Chauney. I imagined the great adventures she must have had during her day: hunting, fighting, going into strangers' houses, flirting with teenage boys (I saw her!), hunting. . . oh, I guess I mentioned that. Well, I didn't approve, but she was a great hunter. Well, now we can watch an animal that is at least as cool: an Adelie penguin in the Antarctic, to whom Japanese scientists have attached a video camera in a world first. Check it out!


  1. That little penguin is saying, "Squeeee, it's the last day of classes!"

  2. OMG, I just watched the video. It's hilarious, kind of dizzying. A true work of art.

    (By the way, I came out of the closet on my blog, id'ing myself as Dana and signing as D.E.M.). Addie: R.I.P, but then again, she was a dead character in a Faulkner novel anyway--who speaks from the grave. Anyway, I thought: no more hiding from the reprisals of them there bad guys.
    Persephone/Twyla has to go farther under cover too.

  3. Hey DEM! It sounds like you've gained new courage from the animal rights conference you attended! I know you'll feel better about it all now that you're signing your name. It's just not in your nature to hide -- nor does the world want to you to do so! You're way too fun! BTW, what does the E stand for? Edna? Edith? Eustace?

  4. Elizabeth.

    Gave that middle name to R. too. David had no say ;)

    by the way, I LOVE your list above--that it includes the words "animal rights" --because it's just brave for you to come out with that. We're not a popular group with many people, so I was thrilled to see that line beneath Animal News of the World.

    In solidarity, Dana Elizabeth

  5. Thanks, "Elizabeth!" I love that name. R. will be delighted to have it one day. I feel like a bit of a fake putting "animal rights" in my description, since I do indulge in fleshly eating once in a while, but I abstain as often as I can -- and I sure admire those of you who are more hard-core about it. So, if my two-cents can do anything, then I'm happy to throw them in. As to that, I wanted to post this great site for you to see:
    It looks like a great organization, but I'm sure you know about it. Their Facebook page is really interesting, too.

  6. Not a fake! Love for animals takes many forms. David asked me yesterday if I claimed to be a vegan on my blog, and I said, "No." I've blogged about it, about how I have vegan-days, and none of my vegan friends have given me a minute's grief about it.
    Compassion for animals involves compassion for humans.
    I'll forever be grateful to you for coming to the sow-stall forum two years ago; you were among a handful of colleagues who showed support and friendship, for me and the pigs.
    You are an animal-rights person. It's a long struggle and we're all allies in different ways, shapes, forms, and manifestations.
    xo Dana Elizabeth :)

  7. Thanks, Dana Elizabeth! I'm proud to call my self an animal-rights person!

  8. That is a 10 jump! Perfectly straight back, horizontal wings, gently angled tail.
    AS far as the video goes it seems our pinguin friend has seen too many horror films lately, hence the shake-and-blur camera work.

  9. *Request for Citing Your Photo*

    Hi Michelle,

    I'm a RIT ID graduate student and writing my thesis paper.
    The Penguin photo on your blog is really great!
    Did you take this photo & have the copyright to it?
    I'd like to use it as brainstorming image citing usage in my paper.
    Do you think you could allow me to do that for free but cite your name as the photographer in my paper?

    Thank you!

    Best regards,