Sunday, March 13, 2011

Adorable Alpacas

Funny thing is that I was just meditating last week on how much I've always loved the Camelid family -- camels, of course (such snobs, who can't love them? A cat-lover's dream!), vicunas, and alpacas, as shown here. Those huge eyes! That soft, fuzzy hair! The pert little mouth! And their very existence -- along with vicunas -- makes one think of the wonder of evolution and the shifting of the tectonic plates. They are so obviously related to their Arabian cousins, but an entire continent away.


  1. I love their sweet faces...adorable! <3

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  3. I had one just like this one!! I use to ride to school wearing my colourful ruana while drinking Mate tea ahhh those days... Alpacas are super smart too, they learn French very easily. Can't you see what he's saying? la minoue ie. the kitty.