Friday, February 4, 2011

Man's First Best Friend?

New Canadian research suggests that before there were dog-people and cat-people, there were dog-cat-people. That is, there were fox-people: "University of Toronto professor Edward Banning and his collaborators discovered what they believe is the oldest cemetery in the Middle East, a [16,500-year-old] site in northern Jordan. The cemetery includes graves with human remains buried alongside those of a red fox, suggesting the animal could have been kept as a pet by humans." Read


  1. I love foxes...they're so beautiful!! Interesting article!

  2. Oh, that is so moving.
    So interesting, too. If you're interested in presenting this at the HumanRites/Animal Bodies colloquium, well, we'd love to hear it....

    :) No pressure.

  3. Hey Winnipeganimals,

    You changed yoiur id -- and "photo". What is that little squiggle? I loved the piggies.

  4. Well this reminds of the wise words of a friend who suggested that in order to overcome Quebec's Anglofrench confli, Spanish should be adopted as official language. In the same way Foxes would put an end to silly debates over which pets are better ie. cats or dogs :) I want one !!