Friday, October 8, 2010

800 pounds of fluffy friend

Hey all,

Here's a photo to cheer your heart as you head into the long weekend:

This is Casey Anderson and his 800-pound best friend, a young male grizzly. If you want to see more of this dynamic duo, check out their show on the National Geographic website:
Enjoy! And have a great Thanksgiving weekend!


  1. Cheer your heart? I'm going to look at those pics right away. Have you seen the movie/documentary Grizzly Man? Seriously, you should watch it! But you might think twice about kissing grizzly bears.
    Have a good long weekend and a happy thanksgiving!

  2. Ha, ha! Very true Addie/Persephone! I'm certainly not advocating kissing grizzlies; but since Casey seems to want to do it, and the bear is so darn fluffy, well, I'm getting more than a little satisfaction from this odd relationship. (And, yes, I did see _Grizzly Man_ -- I'm a big Herzog fan!)

  3. Omg, I want a best friend like that!! Can you imagine a fuzzy bear snuggle? I'd kiss him if I had the chance for sure!

  4. Wow! this photo reminds me of Aaron's giant bouvier, Sebastian, whispering in my ear in the morning to wake me up: "Javerrr wake opp woff" so I would play with him.